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First watch this three minute video
Song Cycle Vive La Velorution!

Now – everything you need to know to put on a performance of Song Cycle: vive la velorution.

Any choir director who has put on a performance of L’Estrange’s previous large-scale choral works Zimbe! Come sing the songs of Africa! and Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose will love Song Cycle: vive la vélorution! This choral celebration of the bicycle is great fun for any choir to perform. The songs range from funky, rhythmically-driven numbers to beautiful, folk-style ballads to entertaining descriptions of the early bicycle to new takes on much-loved classics such as Daisy Daisy – the singers are even required to add to the percussion by playing bicycle bells and pumps! Like Zimbe and Ahoy, this new work has a part for Unison Children’s Choir (optional) that works alongside the SATB choir and jazz quintet.

Vocal Scores and Band Parts
Song Cycle is published by Faber Music Ltd. Obtain the full Vocal Score (sale or hire) (ISBN 0-571-538746) and performance licence from Faber Music: tel +44 (0)1279 828907 or email Faber Hire Library . Band parts and full score are also available on hire from the publishers.

Click here for pricing information. Song Cycle Information Sheet
For bulk purchase discounts, please contact Faber’s sales team (01279 828982 in the UK) or enquire via your local music shop.

Children’s choir part and rehearsal MP3
The children’s choir part is provided as a .pdf (landscape), which can then be printed or projected for rehearsal use. (There is a small charge of £15). The children’s rehearsal MP3 is made available upon request, free of charge. Please contact Faber Music: tel +44 (0)1279 828907 or email Faber Music Hire LibraryN.B. Song Cycle is designed to be sung off-by-heart by the children’s choir!

You can peruse the vocal score online HERE

Audio excerpts of all 10 movements are HERE

PLEASE NOTE: All ten audio files are provided for use solely as a browsing/learning resource for choirs performing Song Cycle: vive la vélorution. Any other use of the audio is strictly prohibited without first obtaining permission from the copyright owners, Alexander & Joanna L’Estrange.

 Part Learning CDs– professionally sung
SATB Part-learning MP3s  (one for each voice part) are now available as a set of 4, for a special price of £40  (Price includes permission to make copies for your choir members.) A link for you to download them will be emailed to you on payment.

Part-Learning MP3’s £40.00

Instrumental quintet
The composer, Alexander L’Estrange, is delighted to offer advice and assistance with booking your quintet (piano, bass, drums, trumpet, flute) and may even be available to play piano or bass for your performance.  Email to enquire.

N.B. Band parts need to be hired from the Faber Music Hire Library.

Rehearsals and Workshops with the Composer
Alexander can either introduce the piece to the choir early in the rehearsal process (some choirs like to run this as a “Come and Sing” day where they invite singers from the community and from other choirs, to help boost membership and spread the word) or at a point nearer the event. This could be a whole day event, a twilight session or a Saturday morning.  Book early! Email to enquire.

Bulk copies of the Song Cycle:vive la velorution CD – make money for your choir!
You can order bulk copies of the full CD at a discounted rate which you can sell on to choir members and/or audience either at the full discount or at a price to make a contribution to choir funds. Normal price per CD is £12.99. Discounted price to you (min. order 25) is £8 per CD (+£10 P&P); payment terms: 30 days (after the performance) on invoice, sale or return. Email to enquire.

Dear Concert Organiser– a list of useful questions and information about how to put on a successful performance. Dear Concert Organiser pdf

Concert Publicity and Programmes
Download the Song Cycle Programme notes which includes an “Introduction by the composer”

Download a  high resolution image to use on your poster and programmes

Download a biography of the composer Alexander L’estrange.

Download a copy of the Song Cycle Programme Notes which include an introduction from the composer and list of songs.

Once you’ve agreed the concert with Faber and Alexander if necessary, send us your concert information and we will put it on the Song Cycle: vive la velorution website. A Reciprocal link back to this website is also much appreciated.


Good Luck!




Buy Song Cycle CD

The new CD of SONG CYCLE: vive la vélorution! by Alexander L'Estrange

The new CD of
SONG CYCLE: vive la vélorution!
by Alexander L'Estrange

World Premiere

The World Premiere of Song Cycle: vive la vélorution! by Alexander L'Estrange took place in York Minster on 28 June 2014 with over 400 singers from across Yorkshire and featuring the composer's band, The Call Me Al Quintet. It is the third in a highly popular series by L'Estrange of choral works with jazz quintet, following in the footsteps of Zimbe! Come sing the songs of Africa! (2008) and Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose (2013).

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